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tree roots

Keep Your Drainage Free From Tree Roots Damage

Tree roots can cause big problem in your drainage and lots of dollar spent for the repair cost. To avoid this plumbing problem, you can follow these simple tips.


We can’t see where tree roots grow underground, but one thing to be sure is they are growing towards the water. It all seems natural when tree or shrub roots grow in the direction where there are nutrients and water source. However, it will become a problem if those roots grow into your sewer and drain pipe. Leaked pipes are favourite spot for a quick tree root growth. As a result, it can inhibit the water flow, causing blockage, and even causing damage to the pipes. These are problems that should not be ignored for too long, because the cost for pipe repair can up to thousands of dollars. You can take precautionary measures before do any works to avoid these costly problems. You can also ask tree removal service for tree planting advice.

Step 1: Locate Underground Pipes

It’s a good idea to call national “Dial before You Dig” or local public works department before you start the excavation work. So that you can know the location of lines, pipes, cable and other underground utilities before planting or landscaping.

Step2: Clogging Means Problem

Drain clogging might happen occasionally, and most of the time you can solve it easily by yourself. But  frequent clogging could be a sign of a bigger problem. It can be caused by tree root damaging your drain lines, make the water flow slowly or overflowed. Often it’s accompanied by gurgling sound from your toilet.

Step 3: Pipe Inspection and Maintenance

You can prevent more serious sewer problems from occurring by doing routine maintenance. Contact a plumber to do the clearing of drainage pipe inner walls. You can also ask them to clean all clogs and tree roots by threading cable through the pipework. A regular maintenance will prevent tree roots grow inside the drainage lines.

If the worst case happens, ask your plumber to inspect sewer lines. By inserting camera probe inside the drainage pipework, they can locate the exact location for any damaged areas. Then your plumber will make recommendation based on the inspection result. Areas that heavily damaged by tree roots might need a replacement.

Step 4: Create a Tree Roots Barrier

To prevent tree roots from growing into your drainage pipes again, you can use several methods. One is to spray copper sulphate or potassium hydrate as growth inhibitors near the sewer line. These are slow release chemicals, which commonly used in residential setting. Another way is to place metal or wood barrier next to sewer lines. Bury them 15-30 cm deeper than pipes and run it vertically to stop the roots from growing into drainage pipe.